The waste market in Great Britain has changed immeasurably over the last two decades. From a time when landfill was the sole channel as a solution for the management of waste, we have a situation today where a whole range of processing and treatment technologies and solutions have created sub-markets all competing for waste feedstocks and landfill now considered the last resort.

To help put some context around how the market has evolved, largely as a result of a strong and continuously evolving legislative framework, the technologies that have developed, analysis of waste streams and tonnages, and the companies involved in the industry, leading consultancy BDS has provided an update to a report first published in 2008. The most recent report was published in Q3 2018.

The new report provides:-

  • A legislative view from both a European and domestic perspective
  • Analysis of waste arisings in Great Britain
  • Review of thirteen treatment and disposal technologies and their influence on the market
  • A summary of all waste authority contracts for the collection, treatment and disposal of municipal waste
  • Details of the main companies operating in the market
  • Latest information on major new planning activity for new waste facilities and other industry developments

The report provides a strategic overview of the market which will be of value to companies operating in a single sub-sector, suppliers of services and plant, companies looking to get involved in the market and other industry observers.

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