This annual report lists estimated waste inputs for all known landfill sites in Great Britain operated by waste management companies and the larger privately owned inert sites.

The tables are sorted by county within regions, with national summaries. Input figures are based on interviews with the companies concerned and research with the Environment Agency, Defra, SEPA, the Welsh Office, waste authorities and other contacts in the industry. Details of closed and opened sites are also  listed.

This is the only publicly available national source of information on landfill inputs. It is widely used by landfill companies to assess their market share and monitor competitor activity. Suppliers of equipment, products and services can identify the larger sites and companies and target potential new business.

Input figures for each site are broken down by inert, household and other (industrial, commercial and special) wastes. An analysis is given of the changes over the last twelve months.

A separate report assesses current void space and life at these landfill sites.

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