The latest bi-annual report into the composting market was published April 2016 and lists over 230 active composting operations involving around 200 different companies in Great  Britain. The report focusses on composting operations using in-vessel and open-windrow technologies.

Whilst the number of sites reported overall has fallen in recent years the average output per site has increased. This is a combination of smaller sites closing, the opening of new larger sites and extensions to throughputs at existing sites. Overall, we have seen the market increase in size since the last report and it is now thought to be approaching 4 million tonnes per year. The amount of compostable waste collected by waste authorities and the number of municipal contracts awarded to waste treatment companies continues to increase.

The report is of value to existing composting companies, those considering entering the market, as well as plant and materials suppliers. For existing producers the sector continues to provide opportunities to expand organically or through acquisitions. The report highlights national, regional and local producers allowing compost manufacturers to be aware of their competitors’ activity. For plant and materials suppliers it is an invaluable resource to help generate new sales.

The directory provides a contact name and email address for every site.

We believe the directory provides the most comprehensive directory of composting companies and their operating facilities publicly available.

The directory is updated bi-annually to add new sites and update existing operations.

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