BDS has published for the first time a directory of operating anaerobic digestion plants and those currently under construction. This is a rapidly growing sector of the waste industry with the number of plants increasing year-on-year. Feedstocks for the plants can include household and commercial food waste, industrial waste solids and liquids, farm waste and purpose grown crops. These plants have a total annual treatment capacity approaching 10 million tonnes per annum.

Details of almost 260 operational plants are listed, each providing the following details: –

  • Operator
  • Site address and telephone number
  • Named site contact, job title and email address
  • Tonnage throughput capacity
  • Output capacity (KWe) and output type

Around 55 plants under construction at the time of writing the report are also included.

This is key information for waste companies seeking to identify potential destinations for collected waste streams as well as providing the ability to monitor competitor activity, industry capacity and identify potential opportunities for acquisition. For materials, plant and service providers it identifies new opportunities to expand and develop business.

The report was published in April 2016. At the same time a report identifying over 110 schemes with current  planning consent, but as yet unimplemented, was also published. These schemes offer prospective developers and existing companies in the sector an opportunity to get involved and expand their business.

We believe the report provides the most comprehensive directory of anaerobic digestion companies and their operating facilities publicly available.

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