This is the third in a series of reports by BDS, most recently published in December 2015, into the treatment of municipal waste. It is based on careful analysis of the data in WasteDataFlow, the tool used by Defra and waste authorities in Great Britain to collect and report on the handling of collected municipal waste. Our analysis combines information from our own databases and knowledge of the industry to convert the raw WasteDataFlow data into meaningful and usable information. The aim is to provide waste companies, suppliers and industry analysts with valuable information on the companies, facilities and throughput volumes associated with the management of municipal waste. Four key treatment channels are included in the report.

These are:-
Energy from waste  (EfW)
In-vessel composting  (IVC)
Mechanical biological treatment  (MBT)
Materials recycling facilities  (MRF)
        Anaerobic digestion (AD)

Data is presented showing volumes and market share by company and facility for each treatment channel and then summarised across all streams.

Commentary is provided to show the movement in volumes and market shares by company and treatment channel against previous year.

The report will be updated on an annual basis to help identify trends in the management of municipal waste. Other technologies, such as anaerobic digestion, may be added as the facilities and the volumes reported through WasteDataFlow develop.

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