BDS monitors planning applications submitted and decisions issued for non food stores. The report lists schemes that involve retail sales space of over 1,000m2 for new stores, or extensions providing increased retail floorspace to existing stores.

In a typical month, between 5 and 10 new applications or consents will be picked up.

Access to information is provided in two ways. Firstly, an online portal provides details of all schemes plus the ability to search, filter and download information into Excel for further analysis. Secondly, a monthly report is also produced in PDF. The PDF format is useful as a published document for distribution or ease of reference. Access to historical data and reports can also be made available.

The report is available on annual subscription. Historical information can also be made available upon request.

Information is obtained from personal and telephone contact with local authorities and monitoring web sites. The original application is included in the report together with the consent (if approved).

A separate report covers Great Britain, while similar reports cover food stores.

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