Over 60 surveys are commissioned by individual clients in a typical year. With our existing industry knowledge, many projects can be completed within a short space of time. However, we have also been involved with detailed due diligence work on virtually all the major industry acquisitions undertaken over the past 20 years. These can take a month or more to complete. Many of the surveys completed on behalf of individual clients are of a confidential nature, consequently, we do not publish a list of clients.

Typical clients include:
Existing building materials and waste companies.
Other businesses seeking to develop a presence in these sectors.
Suppliers of equipment and other services.
Banks, other financial institutions and Regulatory Authorities.

Surveys can involve one or more of the following:
Estimating market size                                               Commercial due diligence
New product development                                         Company profiles and acquisition studies
Investment appraisal                                                  Analysis of markets, companies and prices
Assessing the market prior to a new investment       Customer research

The need to use BDS is usually centred around one or more of the following:
To provide an independent assessment of the market.
To meet tight deadlines.
Confidentiality, where the client being linked to the project could put it in jeopardy.
Expertise and existing knowledge of the market.

All surveys are managed by the company’s Research Director, Andy Sales and other members of the BDS management team. All research is conducted by the company’s own team of researchers. There is no outsourcing to other consultants unless specific information is required.

We are happy to provide client testimonials from companies that have used BDS for many years.

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