This is the second report published by BDS reviewing all major planned housing schemes for 500 or more units in Great Britain. Published in January 2019, it provides a significant update on information originally researched almost four years ago. The new report identifies in excess of 1,200 individual housing developments, each of which contain 500 or more dwellings, at sites that are part underway or yet to commence. In total, details relating to almost 1.8 million new dwellings are contained in the report.

BDS monitors each of the 400+ planning authorities across Great Britain on an ongoing basis. This has provided the base data for the report supplemented with further research and analysis of published documents such as Local Plans and Housing Allocations published by planning authorities, company reports, news sites and other published sources.

On an operational basis, the information will be invaluable for product and service providers looking to identify new opportunities while on a strategic basis it provides an overview for businesses of the parts of the country likely to experience major development.

Details for each scheme include: –

  • site address
  • name of developer
  • number of dwellings
  • likely construction start date

This is the only publicly available report which brings together all known planned major housing schemes across Great Britain.

The report identifies: –

  • the likely activity levels in housebuilding over the next five to ten years
  • those parts of the country likely to witness the most development (and equally, those areas with limited development)
  • sites with no current developer which may provide opportunities

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