BDS has carried out a new survey of the hollowcore flooring market, updating a previous analysis carried out in 2013, entitled An analysis of the market for hollowcore flooring in Great Britain. This is the only published source of market information on the industry publicly available.

The latest survey provides new and updated information based on contact with around 250 housebuilders, contractors, specifiers and manufacturers including: –

  • an estimate of market size
  • an assessment of manufacturers, their market shares and financial performance
  • analysis of the residential market
  • breakdown of the market by product type
  • industry forecast
  • opportunities for manufacturers

This is key information for flooring manufacturers and suppliers into the industry. It will also be valuable for companies looking to invest in the market and as background information on the flooring market.

The report was published in May 2016. At the same time, a report on the beam and block flooring market was also published.

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