There is no other comprehensive listing of manufacturers of concrete products currently available. The BDS Directory provides information on all known companies in this sector, from market leaders such as Marshalls and Forterra to companies operating one plant only. The latest edition of the Directory includes more than 570 separate manufacturing facilities. As well as details of products manufactured, a contact name (with email address) is included for each works.

Information is published as an excel spreadsheet, allowing data to be sorted by company, region or the type of products manufactured.

Information includes:
Name of company.
Address of manufacturing site.
Office address and telephone number.
Products manufactured.
Turnover and number of employees.
Company website.

The products manufactured at each site are listed by 35 products. These are:

Agricultural slats
Beam & Block
Blocks – dense
Blocks – fair faced
Blocks – lightweight
Block paving
Bridge beams
Cable covers
Cast stone
Fence posts
Garden edging
Hollowcore flooring
Kerbs and channels
Lighting columns
Paving flags – (grey)
Paving decorative
Pipes and manholes
Railway sleepers
Reconstructed stone
Retaining walls
Roof tiles
Sea defence units
Street furniture
Structural wall units
Tunnel linings

The report was updated in Q3 2019 and is available in total, by company, product or region, as required.

The list of contact names and office addresses gives suppliers of plant, equipment and services the opportunity to use the information for marketing purposes. Manufacturers will be able to identify competitors, companies in related sectors and possible acquisition targets.

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