BDS monitors planning applications submitted and decisions relating to ready mixed concrete, mortar plants, cementitious works and all concrete products. We include both new schemes and extensions to existing sites. All known schemes are included, irrespective of the likely value of the proposal.

Schemes for concrete products will include manufacturing facilities such as:
Concrete blocks              Roof tiles  
Bricks                              Flooring
Block paving                   Concrete drainage products

The report covers England, Scotland and Wales and can also be made available by individual regions.

Access to information is provided in two ways. Firstly, an online portal provides details of all schemes plus the ability to search, filter and download information into Excel for further analysis. Secondly, a report is also produced once every two months in PDF. The PDF format is useful as a published document for distribution or ease of reference. Access to historical data and reports can also be made available.

Information is obtained from personal and telephone contact with County Councils and local authorities, and monitoring web sites. The original application is included in the report together with the consent (if approved).

Concrete companies subscribe to the report to monitor competitor activity. Suppliers of equipment, products and services use the report to gain new sales leads. As well as the site address, details include an office address, contact name, email address and telephone number.

Separate reports are available covering both Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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