In September 2019, BDS published an updated and extended version of its report “Survey of the cement industry in Great Britain” first published in 2016. The new report updates information on the trends in the market, estimates of market shares of producers, end-use and distribution models, regional analysis, developments in new, upgraded and extended facilities and future prospects to 2022. A new section also examines investment, innovation and development opportunities and strategies for cement companies.

In 2018,  almost 12 million tonnes of cement were sold in Great Britain of which almost 80% came from domestic production and the remainder from imports. A further 3.5 million tonnes of cementitious material, in the form of fly ash (also known as PFA or pulverised fuel ash)and ground granulated blast furnace slag cement (GGBS).

The report will be of use to all companies involved in the production and supply of cementitious products as well as industry observers, potential investors and end-users. The sector is a key element in the supply chain to deliver the  Government’s plans to boost housing and infrastructure spending into the next decade.

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