BDS has published in May 2019 a major update to its original survey on the asphalt industry in Great Britain, first issued in 2016. The report identifies historical trends, today’s market structure and future prospects. The current market position of the top five asphalt producing companies is reviewed and an assessment is provided to show how these businesses might develop.  Analysis is also provided on plant investment and an age profile of the industry for all installed plants.

New research has been carried out to provide an assessment of the bitumen market, a key ingredient in asphalt manufacture. Although representing typically around 5% per tonne on average, bitumen contributes to approximately 50% of the cost of any given product. It is therefore useful to understand the dynamics of the market place and changing conditions relating to its manufacture and supply.

The report will be invaluable to all asphalt companies and others such as suppliers of materials, equipment and services that rely on the industry for much of their business. The industry represents a market in excess of £1 billion and is key to the Government’s plans to boost infrastructure spending.

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