This report was first published in 2006 to provide information on a market where there was, and remains today, very limited information on the size, operators and plants in the packed products market. This latest publication represents a major update on the current status of the industry and was completed in August 2015. The report is provided in Excel format.

The report lists the estimated outputs of all packed products plants in Great Britain. Outputs are included for each company and individual location. Production shares are then calculated for each company by county, region and nationally.

The report is normally published for the whole country, but can be made available by region if required. This is the only publicly available report that lists the estimated outputs of individual packed products plants.

As well as companies producing packed products, suppliers of equipment, consumables and services will find the report of use to identify market opportunities and as background information to the packed products industry.

BDS also completed an extensive survey in 2011. It covers suppliers, types of products, pack sizes, outlet types, customer types and market trends. The report titled “An analysis of the market, companies and trends in the packed products market in the UK” is available separately in Word format.

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