BDS has recently published the Estimated Movement of Aggregates from Rail Depots in Great Britain’ report to provide information on the asphalt industry in Great Britain. The report, published in October 2021, provides a detailed view of the movements of aggregates by rail in Great Britain in 2020. It provides information on an individual site level summarised by company, county, region and nationally and is designed to provide companies with market intelligence to support them in their operational and strategic objectives.

In 2020, BDS estimate ~18.5 million tonnes of aggregates to be moved from rail depots in Great Britain. Figures are similar to those experienced in 2017 however regional variations are apparent when considering volumes and number of rail depots.

A total of 82 rail depots were identified to be in operation in Great Britain in 2020 with the majority located in the South East region of England.

The latest report confirmed Tarmac as the operator of the highest number of rail depots and the transporter of the greatest tonnage of aggregates from rail depots. In 2020 the market was dominated by five companies, Tarmac, Hanson, Aggregate Industries, Cemex and Day Aggregates, who between them accounted for 89% of the total market.

The report is one of a suite of output focused reports produced by BDS, others include:

  • Estimated Outputs of Pits & Quarries and Marine Wharves in Great Britain (2020)
  • Estimated Outputs of Ready Mix Concrete companies in Great Britain (2020)
  • Estimated Outputs of Asphalt Plants in Great Britain (2020)

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