BDS has been publishing reports on the aggregate industry, since the company was formed in 1989.

Reports provided by BDS for the Aggregates Industry are;

  • Recycled Aggregates Directory – provides details of all companies within Great Britain in the Recycled Aggregates industry.
  • Aggregates Outputs Report  – provides estimated outputs of all companies in the Recycled Aggregates industry.
  • Aggregates Reserves Outputs Report – provides estimated reserves outputs of all companies in the Recycled Aggregates industry.
  • Aggregates moved through rail depots Outputs Report – provides estimated outputs of primary aggregates moved by rail from quarries to rail depots
  • Aggregates Industry Survey – provides an overview of the industry, identify changes that have taken place and report on any issues that are or may potentially affect the industry in the future
  • Aggregates Replenishment Industry Survey – reviews the state of replenishment in the aggregates market in Great Britain.

BDS additionally offer bespoke client surveys to justify the planning need at a proposed new aggregates site, assess the market, competitors and prices at an aggregates site, review trends in aggregates volumes with a forecast and identify possible acquisition targets.

BDS also offer monthly planning information on Minerals, asphalt plants & related schemes either via the online BDS planning portal or monthly planning reports.

  • The BDS online planning portal showcases planning schemes within the Minerals, asphalt plants & related industry sectors from around England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.  The portal provides a user friendly way to search for planning applications, it has a number of different search facilities and allows the user to download information for further analysis.
  • The Minerals, asphalt plants & related schemes monthly planning report includes new and extensions to existing sites for sand and gravel pits, limestone, hardstone and sandstone quarries, coal, clay and other minerals. Mineral related developments are also included, such as aggregate bagging plants and asphalt plants.

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